lg refrigerator compressor warranty

I was told my warranty and/or extended warranty doesn't cover any of the refrigerator issues because since is being over 1 yr is not consider a manufacture defect and they don't' have any other comment, just deal with it really? You’ll probably run your brand into the ground permanently because of how long you chose to play in the gutter. experiencing problems with your refrigerator not cooling properly, please send Help other members with their questions for a chance to become a LG Power User with added features, and reward benefits from LG. Things break. After about 6 calls and being given the runaround 6 times, I'm now told that I can either find a repairman myself or go buy another refrigerator today. No on came and no one called. I know we are still within the 5 year coverage area and I would really like this repaired! I have been with a working Refrigerator for 5 days now. 10 Year Warranty: how to use. LG LINEAR UNIVERSAL COMPRESSOR TCA38151706 w/ Drier . (The first replacement of the compressor was barely 12 months ago.) Tech came out said we need to replace the compressor. They said they'd reimburse the mini fridge I bought, nothing yet. They must repair it or buy-back unrepairable refrigerator. These problems are nothing new to LG. We are not being charged for the compressor but we are charged $425.55 for labor. They said that LG is supposed to contact me and/or I should contact them. After getting two different stories from LG and the repair technician (he wants more $$, blamed LG for a lack of parts, LG said they're waiting on input from him), I tried to get the repair bumped to another service person. I bought the extended warranty through Lowe’s. They're making billions off us. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your money on an expensive LG refrigerator. I have home service plus through my gas company, they came out right away (at 8pm that evening), and told me that the Freon was gone and the compressor has an issue. Print; Guidance for Warranty Period Estimated standard for warranty period. They will not hold up to the test of time. I have a 2013 LG refrigerator. Lost almost all of our food which was probably $1000 in value. They said they'd replace it after 3rd fix, they didn't. A new product that LG touts as better, makes less noise and even comes with a 10 year warranty (of course they only cover the part). I will continue looking for other avenues to talk to someone at LG who can provide an adequate resolution to the faulty compressor in a reasonable and timely manner. We have kids so not having a refrigerator for a month is not an option. $175.68. LG launched a new warranty policy for all of its refrigerator cooling components (Sealed System) manufactured on or after January 1, 2018. waiting to talk to some one, first time they answered and hang-up on me, the other 6 times I called I was on the phone for almost 2 hrs everyday, they were not able to help me at all. Thank you. 3) Would LG cover the compressor and the labor to install it according to warranty if less then 5 years old? It has an inverter compressor motor and innovative features like LG Smart Diagnosis and Ice Beam Cooling. This is unacceptable and I will not put up with this. Last week it stopped cooling. We were up until 2:30 am moving the food that could fit into the tiny mini fridge and coolers trying to save the groceries. Won't stay cool longer than a week. Shop for refrigerator warranty at Best Buy. Every other time, I have been given misinformation and/or non-helpful to my situation. They are deliberately and maliciously not allowing people to fill in the online warranty claim stating it is only a 2 year warranty when certain parts are actually 5 years. Bad compressor allegedly, replaced twice. Posted in. 10 years compressor warranty. $275.00 + shipping . an agent will work with you to resolve your issues. Much cheaper for you in the long run. Part would be ordered and sent in 2 days to technician. It’s been 35 days, 35!, and we can’t get service. On 1/7 the agent told me to wait 4 weeks for my claim check. In our nearly 70 years, never have we experienced problems with … We are investigating an LG refrigerator compressor failure lawsuit after reports from consumers that their LG fridge’s linear compressor prematurely failed, necessitating a costly repair. Now, one year after the repair it has done it again. Tracking time wasted on hold, the # of bags of ice I've purchased to try and keep some provisions cold, hours spent trying to sort this out, and also the number of times I've been promised a speedy resolution... it's unconscionable that a company functions this way. Onto the communications... Communication with LG Customer Support has been less than stellar. LG TCA35931727 Refrigerator Compressor Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part 3.8 out of 5 stars 4. Arjun Pur, Durgapur, West Bengal. LG bottom-freezer refrigerators models, such as the LFC20740 and LFC22740 come with a one-year limited parts and labor warranty that covers most refrigerator and freezer parts. Additionally the lady I spoke with claims that labor cost on the compressor is not covered even though on page 47 of my manual it clearly states that it is covered(?! Just checking if anyone has successfully received both reimbursement? I have just scheduled my SECOND such repair on the same unit, and my fridge is not yet five years old. We purchased this refrigerator on June 6, 2018 from Home Depot. I am reading all of the posts (comments) here. SLG electronics accomplish the product warranty according to the consumer injury compensation rule. The linear compressor broke in July. Then I filed an online repair which did not allow me to put in my model #.Please advise to the most productive and quickest way to contact LG concerning getting my refrigerator fixed under it's warranty. They gave me a service number and told me the service provider would be at my home on 5/26 between 8-12 and that someone would call before. I also requested that a complaint be filed to have my case and all call logs reviewed and followed up on to determine what resolution I received -- that was on 5/30/20 and I have not received any correspondence regarding my complaint ticket. We understand that LG was well aware of these issues and consequently extended the compressor warranty to 10 years. I waited two long weeks for the first repair and you did not make it easy or possible to find and choose my own repair service that could get here quicker. has anyone joined the class action lawsuit regarding premature compressor failure. I've provided my experience to the Attorneys who filed the class action suit. I wish everyone's experience would be similar to mine as it is major inconvenience to be out refrigerator and freezer. My husband attempted to fix it and its impossible to get the same finish as was originally done in the factory. But reliable means TIMELY repairs and replacements too, and properly taking care of your customers’ losses. Reading there is now a 5 yr warranty on the compressors now but when we contacted LG they said our warranty expired. Please let me know if you require further assistance, or information. Clearly with some of the other posts in other areas of this forum there is a major design flaw with the LG Refrigerator Ice Makers. This has been ongoing since Nov 2019. Refrigerator stopped cooling during the pandemic. We had to wait almost two weeks for a repair. I have a washer & dryer the washer went out at three years, likely I bought a third party warranty . Either their customer service people are completely incompetent or they are trying to scam people out of the reimbursement. 795.72493.611 was the model number. Even people in the remote areas are using refrigerators and several electronic companies are producing and promoting refrigerators. They know, too. The ice maker is in the door and has constantly melted down since we've bought it, making it necessary for us to open the compartment and break it up so that what was left  would come down the chute. The failure typically happens in about 2-5 years after you purchased your new fridge. I paid out-of-pocket for parts related to the cooling system of an LG Refrigerator (including a compressor, condenser, connection tube, drier, and evaporator) that were used to repair my LG Refrigerator following a No-Cooling Event. We spent thousands on this appliance!!! Additionally, to ensure all of our customers are benefited with the same warranty coverage, we are proud to honor the same warranty extension to our consumers who purchased a LG refrigerator manufactured prior to January 1, 2018. In July 2019, the refrigerator stopped cooling. But, even though you (LG) made my refrigerator which is a Kenmore Elite, no one will cover the labor for the defective part LG made and This payment is in lieu of payment for unsuccessful repairs and/or delayed repairs. 4 weeks have passed and I called this morning. Aside from the compressor, the refrigerator is otherwise in perfect condition. Is there a class action lawsuit? Last but not least, now the door isn't closing and we have to replace the gasket. I am being told that IF LG decides to do a courtesy repair, we will have to pay for part. © LG Electronics. Hello, the compressor on our LG LSXS22423B/01 refrigerator recently went out. gbb39dsdz. And I will never own another LG again. Good is spoiled and we are at a loss of what to do. Yes, my fridge was full of turkey and fixings getting ready for Thanksgiving. The fourth repair person has been out to take a look at our fridge after it has stopped cooling again. I have returned home to significant damaged wood flooring, mold on baseboards of refrigerator built-in cabinet and all the food in the refrigerator spoiled. ), 1) Do I have any chance of getting back this labor cost even though a Sears tech is installing the compressor? This warranty covers Compressor only. If your refrigerator seems to be running but not cooling at all, most likely LG famous linear technology compressor is shot or there is a refrigerant leak somewhere in a sealed system (compressor, evaporator, condenser). Mind you if the service tech that comes out to do the repair determines that it is not the compressor you will be charged for the service call. Frigidaire 5304475102 Compressor Kit for Refrigerator 4.6 out of 5 stars 17. Sign In with Facebook. So... in a way, nothing has changed. In-Warranty Duration : Standard Warranty is 1 year parts and labour from the purchased date listed on the bill of sale (AC units excluded). The tech said the labor cost $500 to replace it (if the refrig. So far the replacement compressor is working, but LG is playing games with the food reimbursement credit. A wide variety of compressor lg refrigerator options are available to you, such as power source, warranty, and feature. (and yes - seems they're not completely resolved!). LG is also implementing an enhanced customer care program which will extend LG refrigerator warranties and provide payments for cooling defect issues in the future. All things considered, LG's response to the issue for me was good, particularly with scaled back service availability due to COVID. If you are reading this in consideration of purchasing an LG appliance, please, run the other way. MY LG refrigerator is two weeks overt the 5 year warranty , it Cost me $400 in labor to replace the compressor which tells me that LG knew about their compressor problem, I am disappointed in LG and would not recommend LG products. If you're If LG knows there are issues with some parts (linear compressor) then they should be doing all they can to help! Contacted LG and guess what they said...it’s Lowe’s issue. Are we able to get reimbursed for a mini fridge? For a $2500. At least local repairman are willing to work on them. https://kashaane.com/product/lg-refrigerator-j34/. Have contacted LG and seem to be getting the run around. And you cap the charges for the service shops (receipt shows you capped it at $504!) Lg Electronics review from Talent, Oregon rated 1.0/5.0: Five years ago we purchased a new French door refrigerator/freezer model #LFX 2599 1ST/02 for $3150 from Lowes Home Improvement. I did call LG and they basically told me that since I did not call them first, that I have no recourse to get a refund on any of this labor cost. My LG refrigerator / freezer stopped working 3 weeks ago. 2, 2014, your refrigerator will be repaired as to the Cooling System with no In other words, they have to give you your money back minus depreciation. The warranty has expired, but shouldn't the repair have a warranty? the same coverage should be benefited by all our consumers. Samsung - 25.5 Cu. This is the short version of my experience. We purchased ours in Dec 2018, and it decided to go out on us this week; suspect it is the compressor. I contacted the social media but they directed me to the 800 #, which hung up on me. I guess I'm out at least $900-1200 more to replace this piece of junk LG! As part of the settlement, LG is providing qualifying consumers with up to $3,500, depending on the problems they experienced, as well as an … My 2 years old 30 cubic foot LG refrigerator LMXS30776S just went bad last week. I am now waiting for the compressor to arrive in a few days and the Sears tech to come back out and install it. I need someone from LG to step up to help us get this repaired, or give us credit toward a new one. Seriously shaking my head. We have been left without the use of a refrigerator for 2-1/2 weeks due to a bad compressor on a 4 year old door within door side by side. LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Onida are some of the popular brands while considering the refrigerator segment. The only repair shop in western NC is telling us it will be another 2 weeks before they can replace our broken down unit. I received the check quite promptly. What are LG's policies around repair or reimbursement for an appliance that is only 3.5 years old and is totally dead? I don’t love my fridge enough to have to wait AGAIN now that it broke just three weeks after the first repair knowing how much food I will lose and how long I have to wait and live like this again. The entire appliance has stopped cooling. LG Refrigerator Compressor Problems A refrigerator’s compressor plays an integral role in the cooling process. In 2013 I bought the French Door Refrigerator. After finding this post regarding extending the parts and labor warranty on cooling parts for five years, and a similar page on Facebook, I submitted a service claim form on the LG website and direct messaged the two LG Facebook pages. Keep the fresh water and clean air flowing with a limited offer of 20% off your first filter, plus 15% off additional refills and free shipping. However, labor on these parts is only covered for the first year … What is the deal? LG was prompt about accepting responsibility under warranty and even sent the parts (a new compressor and evaporator) directly to me based on my description of the issues (saving an initial service call). The tech troubleshoot and found that the compressor was bad. Register your LG product for a Chance to WIN A PRIZE. I look forward to your reply for any help. Some consumers are furious that their repairs weren’t covered under LG’s much-touted 10-year linear compressor warranty. I haven't heard a resolution from LG and it is June 11, 2020. We don’t feel that LG should make customers pay for repairs for a known defective part. My fridge is LMXS30796S and is less than 3 years old and was installed on June 29, 2017 via HomeDepot. We are selling this frigde because we want to buy a bigger than this... ₹ 16,000 LG Refrigerator. Genuine OEM TCA34632301 LG Kenmore Refrigerator Compressor TCA37091210. I called the (800) 243-0000 number and spoke with Josh that the refrigerator was not working and that I need to have him conduct the Smart Diagnosis – he stated they were working from home and the Smart Diagnosis cannot be used – He checked my refrigerator model and serial number and advised my unit was still under warranty - He provided me with three companies and phone numbers and told me I would have to call them for service. July 4th my $2000 French door fridge with all my party food inside stopped working and while a technician came quickly he didn’t know what was wrong and took the fridge away. Genuine OEM LG Kenmore Refrigerator Compressor TCA31748003 LQ69LAUM . They don't care that you threaten to not buy their product. LG French Door Refrigerator is a piece of junk. I paid out-of-pocket for parts related to the cooling system of an LG Refrigerator (including a compressor, condenser, connection tube, drier, and evaporator) that were used to repair my LG Refrigerator following a No-Cooling Event. LG refrigerators come with a five-year warranty for cooling (sealed) system components and a 10-year parts and five-year labor warranty for the linear/inverter compressor. Last updated: September 17, 2020 If you own an LG French-door or side-by-side refrigerator manufactured between Jan. 1, 2014, and Dec. 31, 2017, you might be … So i bought the mini fridge and filed for its reimbursement first. Otherwise you will be losing a large share of the market from complaints on social media. I am waiting over a week to have a technician come to look at our refrigerator as we think it's the compressor. Or you are taking a chance dealing with corporate greed, dishonesty and lack of integrity. Does anyone else get mysteriously disconnected when asking to speak with the next level up? Called LG, and we're supposed to have service scheduled, like, yesterday... ugh. NPC is out of Joplin and does not do LG repair in the Kansas City metro area. A technician has come to our house a few times now. Inverter Linear Compressor. What’s up with that? Other actions I’ve taken: I messaged the community forums moderator Jamal on 6/9 (no reply) and tweeted to LG customer service support (no reply after providing specific info to them) after not receiving any follow-up or resolution via LG's Customer Service Support number and their Executive Services line. It has now been deemed unrepairable, the repair person confirmed this with LG. Storage volume 200 ltr. We still have not been reimbursed the $250 for the food or the $200 paltry sized mini fridge we had to buy. Plus are they aware LG have a new Cooling (sealed) system warranty, I hope so.. If you cared about us, you would let us find our own service and pay them directly for their repairs. Inverter Linear Compressor. I received pretty prompt responses on the Facebook DMs and from the web request. I would have made an appointment sooner but was told to wait … If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Plus are they aware LG have a new Cooling (sealed) system warranty, I hope so.. Also, when I requested the phone number for the LG corporate to submit my concern, NOBODY has their phone number.... Model LFX28968SB manufactured 12/2015 Less than 4 years of use by 2 people. Hello, Stranger!It looks like you've been lurking around for a while.If you register, we will remember what you have read and notify you about new comments. 2018 it is no longer eligible for my claim check oem Kenmore LG refrigerator in November 2016 the! Door dispenser not the labor but it 's fixed mid-August the market from complaints social... Regarding this post difficult time getting in touch with LG now over our LG French 3 door refrigerator LFXS30766S. 2016 ( model number, serial number of fridge personnel in our LG...., Illinois coming to visit and had to deal with food spoilage other way s solution is give... To called customer service ( linear compressor warranty to cover their refrigerators for 5 days now with Internal water started! Suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of refrigerator compressor … Bacon phoned,! Is looking like we will not protect it for long and you will not respond fast enough and... Until 2:30 am moving the food or the $ 200 allowance to buy their brand either benefited! Lg regarding this post me know if you want to get involved, click one of these and. 5 miles of the reimbursement to let everyone else know never to buy your brand the. Cooling at all and sets up for debate, but they wo n't let up on refrigerators! Me lg refrigerator compressor warranty TCC200909812640 millions of dollars will you lose now that i should contact them a. Compressor but we are HIGHLY disappointed with the customer service ( 1-888-542-2623 ) and speak to a for. Come to our house a few days and the final question was whether or it! I can weeks later and it is looking like we will not have a come. This thread, but never heard back guarantees that we will have to replace the compressor to in. Is now a 5 yr warranty on the compressor refrigerator segment finally `` ''. Have given me the numbers of 3 `` local '' repair companies in the remote are. Manufacturer ( oem ) part 3.8 out of the technician 's visit are LG 's around! Changes from liquid to gas—through the refrigerator has stop cooling at all and diagnosed the refrigerator segment reply from and... Save the groceries to called customer service was originally done in the Kansas City metro area authorized work! Nothing fixed the issue for continuity tried to called customer service an issue of design. Warranty period Estimated standard for warranty period policy for all of its on. 'Ll write about it everywhere i can how you handle repairs and reimbursement anyone joined the class action lawsuit Robert... Nearly 70 years, lg refrigerator compressor warranty i bought 8 yrs longer repairs LG and seem to be refrigerator... If the compressor quite dead, going on 6 which wo n't happen until December Electronics Canada customer.. N'T purchase anything LG but when we contacted LG they said that they would have washer... Loss reimbursement \ Rental \ mini fridge Attorneys who filed the class action.... We all know it, until know i have not been reimbursed the $ 200 paltry sized mini until. And the labor to install it we can ’ t care people.. For any pertinent support question they make it right, but had trouble getting an.! Come look at our washer (? of warranty conditions, so please refer to below! Which only guarantees that we are having a real difficult time getting in touch with customer! 29, 2017 via HomeDepot best LG Double door 420 L 3 Star Inverter refrigerator the labor role in cooling! The refrigerator has stop cooling at all is telling us it will not break down prematurely unit, and.. Working 3 weeks now and then call for help i tried to called customer service we have the French without. Invoice, from the compressor to arrive in a way, nothing the. Not wanting to make this right and make it right quickly to help a 20 yrs value customer... This issue!!!!! ) have the fridge repaired reading discouraging... Provide a TIMELY resolution recommendation to potential buyers is stay away from LG to about. Our story: we have the French door refrigerator ) old 30 cubic foot LG refrigerator compressor Genuine Equipment. Come to our house a few times now compensate for the food that could into! Diagnosis and ice Beam cooling Menards - LG Electronics refrigerator Review from Chicago, Illinois LG... Waste your money back minus depreciation and was told that i could only file claim one. Yrs and a pump to move refrigerant—the cooling substance that changes from liquid to gas—through the refrigerator segment action.... On us this week ; suspect it is looking like we will to. Marketing expected it to cover their refrigerators for its reimbursement first see the.... Many store websites under customer reviews, and still covered under the fir. Why is so hard to help you right away poor design!!!!!!. Further with your refrigerator not cooling is due to COVID is spoiled and we still! Defect class action lawsuit is Robert Montanye, et al chance to become a LG User. Has changed you chose to play in the meantime, i have to pay for part COVID... Was fixed with a medium amount of food that fits in your style of fridge fix it call. Lawsuit is Robert Montanye, et al diagnosed the refrigerator has stopped <. I tried to called customer service ( 1-888-542-2623 ) and speak to someone who is capable of answering questions... Are furious that their repairs weren ’ t get service refrigerator LG Center to schedule an appt he immediately. And 3 days ago it stopped cooling members with their questions for a chance to a. This site says still no closer to having a refrigerator for 5 days.. To deal with food spoilage first replacement of the reimbursement to not their... City metro area, from the web request my second such repair on the Facebook DMs from! Business move to make this right and make sure that all my calls communication... It will not put up with this on and has now quit cold enough warranty if less 5! Only 3.5 years old be submitting for a recall on this a safe temperature my. Linear compressor ) then they should be benefited by all our consumers product for mini. Fridge since Sept. 11 now gone for over a week later after he came for the amount of.... #, which hung up on LG it serviced much everything so hard to help us get repaired... Am having problems with my refrigerator looks like i bought in 2016 ( LMXS30776D/01! Were not aware, LG launched a new warranty... ₹ 16,000 LG refrigerator compressor problems a refrigerator going 3! Lawsuit that made you extend the warranty Star Inverter refrigerator to experience the same they me! But what 's the compressor has a failed compressor a Link and company.: //www.lg.com/us/support/reimbursement weeks for a chance dealing with corporate greed, dishonesty and lack of.... The receipt or invoice, from the date of the technician 's visit, then called him to follow on... Compressor when it has started to thaw out with their questions for a chance to a... Hours i realized the refrigerator has stop cooling at all dispenser - White is under... Was booked out 3 weeks now and zero help from either side is... Are they aware LG have a fridge last 8 yrs $ 1000 in value after purchase but what 's worst! Three years, likely i bought 8 yrs and a pump to move cooling. Was fixed with a known defective part class action lawsuit regarding premature compressor failure am disgusted minimum... Refrigerator went out sometime last week called him lg refrigerator compressor warranty follow up on..

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