The Original Miracle Grill Mat & Baking Sheet

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Simply the best BBQ accessory ever invented, and that's a fact. Set the temperature on your BBQ to a medium heat (350 – 400 degrees), place one or two of the mats on the grill, your food goes on top of the mat, and close the lid. Your Miracle Grill Mat protects against flare-ups and burns, and because you can close the lid for longer periods of time, your food cooks quicker, and stays juicier. There was a reason your Mom told you to close the oven door. Wrapping food up in aluminum foil for a BBQ defeats the whole purpose of BBQing, so by placing your food directly on the mat, you will get the BBQ flavour you are looking for because now the smoke can penetrate the food.  Use it in the oven as well for broiling or grilling. You can use both sides of the mat, but not at the same time. (That's a joke) Included in this kit, is our Miracle Baking Mat that is ideal for cookies, chicken, pizza and is an incredible replacement for parchment paper. So stop ripping sheets of disposables and throwing them away, use the Miracle Grill Mats hundreds and hundreds of times.



Kit Includes:  Two mats made from a high quality PTFE Carbon Fibre material and our Miracle Baking Mat.

2 X 15.75 inches X 13 inches Grill Mat
1 X 15.75 inches X 13 inches Baking Sheet

“Beware of Imitations”