BBQ Grill Mat – The Original Miracle Mat

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With so many copies out on the market, how does one know which is the best one? Some feel thinner, some feel thicker. Some are smooth and shiny, and some are dull and course. Every good product gets copied, and the only way they can compete with the original is to make the price cheaper, and the only way to make the price cheaper is to make it cheaper. It’s not rocket science.
We have been demonstrating The Original Miracle Grill Mat at Trade Shows for many years even before the copies existed and never had complaints, until the copies surfaced. People buy the cheaper one, and because we are the ONLY ones demonstrating, they complain to us, so if you have been duped by cheap imitations, I am sorry you didnt choose us first.
The Miracle Grill Mat is simply the best mat on the market and the best BBQ accessory ever invented, and that is a fact. Set the temperature on your BBQ to a medium heat (350 – 400 degrees), You can go hotter if you want, but my best results are cooking within normal cooking temperatures, like you would with an oven. Place one or two of the mats on the grill, place your food on top of the mat, and close the lid. Your Miracle Grill Mat protects against flare-ups and burns, and because you can close the lid for longer periods of time, your food cooks quicker, and stays juicier.
The Miracle Grill Mat is also great in the oven. Use it on a cookie sheet, or simply on the wire rack. Microwave safe, dishwasher safe and simply put, the best BBQ accessory ever.



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Dimensions 49 × 39 × 1 cm