Best Peeler Ever – Swiss Star Peeler – 2 pak

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Your Grandma probably bought one at the shows, your Mom probably bought one at the shows, and now its your turn. The best peeler in the world, and that is not just me saying that, it is the one million plus that have been sold in Canada over the last 25 years. Made in Switzerland since 1947, and originally designed for arthritis sufferers, your Star stainless steel peeler has a tungsten blue steel blade, that is so tough…it peels butternut squash and turnips as if they were potatoes. It does many tricks, and one day soon, we will post videos of all the moves and all the tricks. For now, just order one and play around with it. Be careful though, the sharp blade does not know the difference between meat and vegetables. We are offering a two pack because they are that good, you will either want to give one as a gift, or hang onto it in case something happens. What could possibly happen to it? A common problem is someone in the family throws it away with the potato peelings. You will get years and years of peeling pleasure out of your star peeler, just remember to dry them off after use, and once or twice a year wipe the blade with vegetable oil, just like you would with an old cast iron frying pan.

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Weight .66 kg
Dimensions 24 × 21 × 2 cm