All Metal Fidget Spinner with Micro Bearings

$40.00 $30.00

Our All Metal Fidget Spinner with 9 Micro Bearings and Screw Cap. What does that all mean? I don't know but the kids do, and this one is collector quality. All Spinners are double and triple checked for quality control. Spin time on this one ranges from 2 minutes to as high as 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Of course it's all in the spin.

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If you are wondering why the big discrepancy in pricing over spinners, it’s all in the bearings. There are good bearings, and down right cheap bearings. These are Super High Quality 608RS Micro Bearings with All Metal Casing and Screw Caps. Incredible Spin Time and Perfectly Balanced and Doubled Checked Quality Control. Collector’s Tin Included.

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