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Motion Activated Night Lite.

Imagine walking down a dark hallway, and instantly a light comes on. Maybe the kitchen or bathroom late at night, or even the children's room and you don't really want to turn on the overhead, but you need to see. Your Illumilite is perfect for unlit stairways, garages, closets, trucks or camper and even boats. One is great, but you will want more.
No wiring necessary and operates on 4 AAA Batteries. 6 Bright LED Lights and lasts for years and years.
Mounts by magnet, two screws or double sided Velcro (not included)



Motion Activated Night Light

Shine light in the dark, when and where it is needed. Mounting can installed either by magnet or screws.
Ideal for Hallway, Nursery, Stairs, Travel, Camping, Bathrooms…

Extremely long service life.

Sensor range 3 metre (9.5 ft)

Motion and Sensor

6 Bright White LED’s

Additional information

Weight .120 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 4 cm