BBQ Grill Mat – The Original Miracle Mat

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With so many copies out on the market, how does one know which is the best one? Some feel thinner, some feel thicker. Some are smooth and shiny, and some are dull and course. Unfortunately every good product is eventually copied, but copies rarely are as good as the original, because they want to sell theirs cheaper. The only way to sell it cheaper, is to make it cheaper. Our company has been selling the ORIGINAL Miracle Grill Mat for close to 10 years, and one by one, the copies followed. Nowadays, people shop for price, so they see a cheaper one, they buy it, they use it, they hate it, and never buy one ever again, thinking they are all the same. Our company sells, the original STAR PEELER from Switzerland, the original Borner Slicer from Germany and the Original Miracle Grill Mat, with my own personal buddy Marc Gill endorsing it. If you are cooking with the lid open, the smoke is going up in the air, not in your food. Place your food on the mat, close the lid and two things happen, the smoke is forced into your food, and your food cooks faster because the lid is closed. Chicken is juicier, and fish cooks perfectly with your Miracle Grill Mat. No more scraping the grill after dinner, and the best part…your food is perfectly cooked each and every time. You get the best grill marks too, because you are not dancing your food around from spot to spot. More smoke, perfect grill marks and more tender meats. Win, win, win.

Two Mats in Each Set!


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Dimensions 49 x 39 x 1 cm