Canadian Made – SpaBerry Personal Luxury Spa


If you have every owned a full sized Hot Tub, you are certainly aware of the joys and sorrows of ownership. Lets talk about the sorrows. The Maintenance, The Chemicals, The 220v, The Foundation, The Heating, The Draining & Filling and the list goes on.
We took all the negatives and came up with SpaBerry. A two person Hot Tub that runs on 110v and requires no foundation because even with water it is only 44 pounds per sq foot. One teaspoon of chlorine a week, and leave the rest to the filter and Berry Pure Moss that helps inhibit the growth of bacteria, algae and fungus. With only 125 gallons of water, your SpaBerry is also easy to drain and fill, inexpensive to heat and to maintain.




Life in a SpaBerry

Picture this…You come home from work after a stressful day at work, or perhaps you were working out in the field, and you are covered with aches and pains. Now you can melt those pains away with your own Personal SpaBerry Luxury Spa.
Back in the old days, large hot tubs were mostly used as a party bus, and would invite a bunch of friends over to sit, soak drink and laugh.
Now, you come home and you are in pain, and you want to relax, and not with 6 friends. Your SpaBerry is the perfect way to end your day or even start your day.
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