The Founder of DewDad

Larry Dawidowitz – CEO

Larry attended Humber College where he studied Package Development and Design, a first time course in Canada, developed and taught by David Chesterton.

A combination of Structural Design and Graphic Arts and Advertising.

Larry's Company promoted products at Trade Shows using Demonstration Sales
Larry’s Company promoted products at Trade Shows using Demonstration Sales

Larry Graduated in 1979 and worked as a Graphic Artist and part-time Emcee at a Comedy Club in Toronto. Occasionally he demonstrated products for Steve Rosenberg, Co-Star of Award Winning National Film Board Documentary “PITCHMAN”, Steve hired Larry’s Company to help promote products at Trade Shows via Demonstration Sales. Long before Infomercials Larry and a select few of 32 people promoted products at Major Shows across the country with a Microphone strapped around their necks.

With Years of Grooming by the Masters, Larry’s Business Grew by Adding New Products and Talent to Help Promote these Unique Products.

Today, Dewdad has an incredible team of professional agents, specializing in demonstrating unique products from around the world.

Products Include: Kleva Sharp, Kleva Cut Knives, Simply Straight Ceramic Hair Straightener, Ultimate Cloth, and the brand new Platinum Edition, Borner V-Blade Slicer, Swiss Peeler, Grip Sticks, Miracle Grill Mats, Thunderhead Shower Head, Smart Living Shower Head, Ideal Blox, Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder, Sumo Slicer,  and more…