Grill Mat/Baking Sheet Combo

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I remember back in the 70’s when propane began replacing charcoal grills, every guy’s knee jerk reaction was to say “It defeats the whole purpose of barbequing”. Then of course for the masses propane won and nobody ever talked about it again. People would wrap food up in tin foil and use tin foil trays, and guess what food cooked on a BBQ was still delicious, even though the argument could be “food wrapped up in tin foil” defeated the whole purpose of barbequing”.
Grill Mats allow you to place foods like vegetables on the mats, close the lid on the BBQ and allow the food to cook properly and quicker because the lid is closed. Opening and closing the oven door is not something people do, because you let all the heat out, and those fluctuating temperatures dry out chicken, pork and other meats. No longer do you have to dance chicken wings around the open fire like an air traffic controller, because the temperature is regulated by the temperature you choose. No more flareups causing temperatures to rise from 350 to 600 seconds. Food cooks properly and tastes great.
In the kit you get two black mats for the BBQ and one brown mat to replace all that use once and throw away parchment paper.
The mats are the best accessory that has come along in years. Having said that, they are not new, and have been used by the food industry since 1939. The public use disposables, and the industry used reusable. Join the millions of people who use Miracle Grill Mats and love them. Take them camping and perfect for those dirty old BBQ grills that have had their day. With the lid closed longer, there are no longer hot and cold spots on the BBQ.


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Dimensions 53 x 39 x 2 cm