Ideal Blox


Each set contains fifteen easy-to-handle pieces. Each colour corresponds to a different size. Each polyhedron is beveled for easy stacking. Building basic structures is easy. Just follow the colour codes shown on the box or manual. Children can use their imagination to build other structures. They can build a cat, dog, car, palace, or even a dinosaur. With 5,000 possible combinations, Ideal Blox stimulates the creativity of kids and adults. Combine several sets for more challenging creations that require skill, cunning and patience. Kids and adults alike enjoy Ideal Box because it is easy to use – fun for all ages. Ideal Blox is loved by parents, schools, specialized institutions and paramedical professionals like speech therapists. The 3D design lets children explore spatial relationships while enhancing their imagination and artistic ability. Ideal Blox, made from PVC granules, are easy to handle and develop skill and dexterity. Kids can even play with them in the bathtub!
Ideal Blox has been available in Canada for several years. This educational toy won the special jury prize at the Concours Lépine in Lyon 2000, the Foreign Trade Secretariat Prize at the Concours Lépine in Paris 2000, and the 2001 Innovation Award.


The perfect trapped at home and nowhere to go for the entire family. Ideal Blox are made in Canada and with one set, you can make over 5000 different shapes. A zero frustration toy because there is no right or wrong. It is a perfect toy for toddlers who like to build up high. Recommended ages are 3 and up, however if you remove the smaller white pieces it is safe for any age with supervision.

Two sets and the sky is the limit! Build huge towers and more complicated designs that trigger the brain to be creative.

Additional information

Weight .900 kg
Dimensions 24 x 24 x 24 cm